How to bargain with a Taxi driver?

If you know the regular price in advance tell the driver- can you take me to e.g. Leopolds Caffe for 100 Rupees? If he says no- leave to find another one. Chances are, he will go after you and say- 100 Rupees is OK.

If you ask for the price than the driver might say- 300 Rupees to Leopolds. If you try to lower it to 100 it might not work for you because the driver assumes that you don’t know how much it’s worth- if you did you would approach him with offered price.

If you don’t have an idea of how much the drive should cost you can ask a few taxi drivers or bluff and say “Leopolds caffe for 100 Rupees” although you have no idea how much it should cost.

Rikshaw in Rishikesh

Some taxis have taxi-meter. Unlike in Thailand where you want to pay by taxi-meter, in India some drivers have “broken” taxi-meters that show exaggerated prices.

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