How to get free from people constantly offering something on the street

It is indescribable how tired one can get from constant nagging. Unfortunately, tourist places in India (Rishikesh, Varanasi, Agra…) are a non-stop sources of that.

If you’re a tourist, especially white-skinned one, you IMG_2127will be offered rickshaw, Taxi, Shopping, Food, MoneyChange, Hashish, Guide and many other things. You will be asked for a few rupee tip, presented with a gift that is not really a gift, False Swamis (holly people) will want to bless you and barbers will want to shave you.

The people who are nagging you are usually poor indian people trying to survive and make ends meet. They are many times aware of the disturbance they couse you yet they don’t know of any better way to earn the livelihood. So please respect them, don’t insult them and don’t yell. They are usually good hearted and sensible people willing to ride you all day in a bicycle rickshaw for few Rupees.

Tips on how to get free from baggers and sellers

  • Try to look as a local, that way you’ll attract less attention
  • Avoid looking at the goods of a potential pushy seller- if he spots even a millisecond of your look he will try to sell
  • Don’t look to much around you because they will think you need something and offer you everything – I know that as a tourist you want to look around but be warned
  • When they approach you be kind but firm when saying NO
  • Do not go into further elaboration after NO, just repeat it if the person doesn’t go away
  • Be on the move, don’t stop to talk
  • If the person is still persistent and following you than stop, turn to that person and very strictly say “stop following me or I’ll call the police”
  • In Mumbai baggers have a method of touching you and pulling your sleeve- same rule goes here- be gentle but strict


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